A Quick Note: Jewellery and the kitchen do not mix.

Girls (and guys, if it applies!!): don’t forget to REMOVE your rings before you cook!!

I have just been to collect my engagement ring from the jewellers. Somewhere along the way these past 3 years I managed to take a chunk out of one of the stones, meaning it didn’t twinkle like its counterparts and looked depressingly dull. Of course, I always removed my rings for hygiene reasons when working in bakeries, but at home I often didn’t bother. Well. I will ALWAYS bother from now on!!

I always thought diamonds were the strongest material on Earth! When I mentioned this, the jeweller rolled her eyes and explained that that’s a common generalisation. The clearer the stone, the softer the stone. Yes, drill bits and saw blades can be made from diamonds… but they’re black diamonds. Pretty white diamonds are not as strong.

So, take your rings off before you cook. Even your snugly-channel-set wedding band. It’s OK, you’re still married! <3


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