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Welcome to Butterpear! My name is Harriet, a baker by trade and aspiring food writer. Here I’ll be posting recipes and foodie thoughts from my adventures in the kitchen.

Three things have led me to start this blog:

  • I have always been a writer. As a kid I was always writing journals, stories and songs. My favourite class at music college was songwriting and I left with aims to become a songwriter. I have at least three journals, reserved for different sorts of entries. I need to record everything!
  • I have always been chunky. I was always the biggest of my friends (someone has to be), sometimes I cared, most of the time I didn’t. Anyway, it piqued my interest in healthy eating and cooking from scratch, which led me to want to expand my cooking knowledge.
  • I’ve worked in bakeries across London. Cakes are my foundation, and I have my own home-based cake business. Through baking I realised I am happiest in the kitchen, but I get sick of being around sugar all the time. I guess my interest in savoury cooking increased as a reaction to my job!

So these three threads of me seem to have converged at this blog! I am very happy to be here and hope you will enjoy my recipes and let me know any feedback you have. All recipes are my own unless otherwise credited – so if you share my recipes, please credit me!

You can find me on social media here:


Facebook: Huttswick&Allenby

Pinterest: hhutt


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