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Two Days in Venice

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From inside the Bridge of Sighs

At the end of June my husband and I went to Venice with one of his friends/colleagues, M, who grew up in Veneto, the Italian county in which Venice lies. It was a really quick visit – we flew out on Friday night and back on Sunday night, so we were really glad to have a Venice expert showing us around and helping us make the most out of our time there.

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Dinner by Heston at the Mandarin Oriental – from Meat Fruit to Pond Pudding

On Thursday, 5th June, my husband and I went for dinner to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. The 5th of Junes throughout our short little marriage have been pretty great – 2013 we were chilling in Mexico, and the year before that it was, of course, our wedding day, so this 5th of June had a lot to live up to.

If any of you don’t know who Heston Blumenthal is, hopefully you will be as happy to learn of him as I was years ago. He is a culinary conjurer who likes to play with science, history and art to create new dishes that wow. His restaurant The Fat Duck was named the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine in 2005, and has been on our list of restaurants to visit for a long time. However we didn’t fancy a trek out of London on a Thursday night so my husband plumped for Dinner by Heston. Continue reading Dinner by Heston at the Mandarin Oriental – from Meat Fruit to Pond Pudding

A Distressing Failure – Chicken and Leek Pie with Sage Pastry

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A hot, steamy pie.  Not a typical meal for a June evening, but England’s skies are not the brightest this month. May was a wash out too, more like November. I felt the need for a comforting and hearty meal, and was excited to make the fabulously fresh pie I had in mind. Unfortunately the result was, in a cruel mirror image of the skies, a miserable, soggy splat. And I ended up in a messy heap too. Continue reading A Distressing Failure – Chicken and Leek Pie with Sage Pastry

A Quick Note: Jewellery and the kitchen do not mix.

Girls (and guys, if it applies!!): don’t forget to REMOVE your rings before you cook!!

I have just been to collect my engagement ring from the jewellers. Somewhere along the way these past 3 years I managed to take a chunk out of one of the stones, meaning it didn’t twinkle like its counterparts and looked depressingly dull. Of course, I always removed my rings for hygiene reasons when working in bakeries, but at home I often didn’t bother. Well. I will ALWAYS bother from now on!!

I always thought diamonds were the strongest material on Earth! When I mentioned this, the jeweller rolled her eyes and explained that that’s a common generalisation. The clearer the stone, the softer the stone. Yes, drill bits and saw blades can be made from diamonds… but they’re black diamonds. Pretty white diamonds are not as strong.

So, take your rings off before you cook. Even your snugly-channel-set wedding band. It’s OK, you’re still married! <3