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Recipe: Panzanella! Delicious Italian bread salad.

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I don’t like sandwiches. I’m not mad about bruschetta, or pizza, or even the humble dinner roll. Bread and butter pudding is not for me, and toasties I can just about take. Beans on toast, Eggs Benedict and we are getting there, but panzanella… THAT is my kind of bread.

Panzanella is a delicious, tart Italian bread salad, with fragrant basil and red onions and sweet tomatoes and pepper. Continue reading Recipe: Panzanella! Delicious Italian bread salad.


Make your own Bussolai di Burano Venetian biscuits!

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Beautiful Burano, taken by my husband when we visited.

If you have read one of my previous posts, Two Days In Venice, you will have heard of bussolai di Burano. They’re yummy Venetian biscuits that are great with a rich Italian espresso! Well, I made some this week and wanted to share the recipe with you. Continue reading Make your own Bussolai di Burano Venetian biscuits!

Recipe: Coconut Rocher

Oh my goodness, it has been about a month since my last post!

My excuses: I have been busy helping set up and run a French boulangerie, then we were in Venice for a whirlwind weekend, this week I’ve been working on a wedding cake and a 90th & 95th birthday cake… whew! I have a half-written blog about the food in Venice that I just need to sit down and finish – it’s been waiting for about three weeks…

But at work today I made these delicious and very simple Coconut Rocher, so I thought I’d fit in a quick post this evening.

Continue reading Recipe: Coconut Rocher

Manchego and Ham Ravioli

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I’m not a huge pasta fan. I’d never choose it in a restaurant and if I had to give up carbs, pasta would be the first to go. Second would be bread. So stereotypical Italian food is not my first choice of cuisine, however I do love the mediterranean diet and believe it to be one of the healthiest. Their flavours are so fresh and with all that olive oil, the fresh vegetables, and of course risotto, whenever I go to Italy I definitely do not starve.

Despite my nonchalance regarding pasta, at the weekend I had a fierce compulsion to make some. It was Eurovision night, so I thought I’d go continental, plus our pasta machine only ever sees the light of day when I need to roll out some gumpaste, so I thought I’d allow it to meet its destiny. Continue reading Manchego and Ham Ravioli